Higher Education

Craft the student journey from admissions to alumni to better attract prospective students, drive enrollment, and enhance the student experience.


Leverage our end-to-end banking automation solution to achieve digital agility, increase operational efficiency and retain high-value customers.


Competitive pressure drives manufacturing companies to continuously improve their processes. Efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP), six sigma quality control and lean manufacturing, and ISO 9000 certification, can provide companies with the competitive edge they need.


Orchestrate new business, rating, underwriting, policy administration and claims processes while providing insight into key insurance performance measurements by using out-of-the-box workflow solutions tailored for the insurance ecosystem.

Telecom & Tech

ProcessMaker is a proven platform for managing the dozens of processes that are unique to the telecom industry and need to be handled on a high volume, case by case basis.


With reduced revenue national, state/provincial and local/city government must reduce complexity and run more cost-effectively. Spring High can help government entities to optimise systems and processes, so as to meet citizen's demands, ease budgetary pressures and do more with less.


With ProcessMaker BPM software, healthcare facilities can automate and simplify healthcare operational procedures. The real-time capability of an online business process system smoothes the disruptions that can be caused when operational procedures are impacted by a new or changed regulation.

Get the business process management advantage

Our premier service is to install, build and manage the ProcessMaker BPM platform for clients, which utilises ProcessMaker’s award-winning technology as its basis to unite, integrate and centralise all business workflows on one secure digital platform.



Finance departments use our platform to design efficient workflows to automate common back office processes. From purchase requests and orders to refund approvals and invoicing, leverage our platform to streamline finance at your organization.

Information Technology (IT)

IT professionals can build custom scripts and pre-configured functionality in addition to easily integrating systems with our platform. This will allow business users to re-use these components when designing and automating workflows.


Streamline logistics and operations with intelligent workflow automation. By automating operations on a central platform, you can easily learn from your workflows and adapt when needed.

Human Resources

Automate common human resources processes from leave of absence request to purchase requests and turn your HR department into an efficient, well-oiled machine.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing requires intelligence in workflows and automation to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.


Empower your DevOps team to achieve higher levels of efficiencies by integrating with tools such as GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, AWS, and more to serve as an intelligent approval layer around your IT infrastructure.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) systems can have around 200 - 1 000 system users, from suppliers through to key decision-makers. We have worked at the rockface of the FM industry and built integrated BPM platforms for FM industry leaders.

Project Management

Spring High provides customisable project management systems, allowing rapid rollout of solutions that are unique, customisable and scalable - and impossible to implement without having close understanding of the intricacies of each client-partner’s organisation. More specifically we integrate budget controls that track available spend.

Workshop / Service Repair

Spring High is working on a BPM solution to track the servicing of oil valves on oil rigs in Australia. The solution will allows tracking of all service repairs online, integrated with SAP invoicing platform, and allow repairs to be monitored in real-time.

 South Africa

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United Kingdom

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